A tractor and trailer tour along the beach to the world's largest most accessible mainland Gannet Colony in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand.
When it began, Gannet Beach Adventures used Model T Fords, old trucks and buggies to tour along the beach. As a result of the corrosive effects of the harsh environment on these vehicles, tractors were introduced around 1969.
The trailers are purpose built for comfort, safety and manoeuvrability.
Gannet Beach Adventures is a locally owned and operated family business that will do its best to give you more fun than you ever imagined!
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Phone: +64 (0) 6 875 0898

0800 426 638

PO Box 52, Clive 4148,
Hawke's Bay, New Zealand


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Welcome to our outdoor classroom!

Class trip - Gannet Beach Adventures

Where else in the country can your students experience a unique mode of transport, combined with a visit to the beach, study the history and geology of an amazing landscape, and - to top it off - see and learn about some amazing seabirds at the same time!  What a way to spend your EOTC experience!

We offer a fun and educational outing, one that can be expanded upon once back in the classroom.  We allow students to gain knowledge, understanding and skills about many aspects of our unique natural environment.

Dr Amelia McQueen is well into the process of putting together an education resource pack for us, which we hope will be available by Term 3.  She has recently completed a similar project for Guthrie-Smith at Tutira.  This will be a great curriculum-based asset to teachers and we are confident it will enhance all school visits.

Our tours can be adapted to your requirements – whether you are bringing older students who are studying geology, or younger students who may be more interested in the rock pools, we may be able alter the tour to cater for your specific needs.

If you haven’t travelled with us before, you will no doubt have a few questions – we hope the following answers some of these:-

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How do we book?
Please either complete the attached school booking form, or contact us by email or phone.  See our departure schedule under the “Bookings” tab for departure times.  All bookings are subject to confirmation – you should receive a confirmation email within 48 hours.  This will include additional safety information.

School Pricing?
We offer discounted pricing for schools – please contact us for these. 

Our ratios are similar to Ministry of Education guidelines (see Risk Management Plan).  It is also imperative for the ratios to be met so that we have adequate supervision when travelling, as well as near the water.  (Please note that our drivers cannot be included in your numbers).

There is plenty of free parking at our departure point for cars, and buses can be accommodated also. 

What do we need to bring?
Everyone needs to come prepared for the weather on the day – hats & sunscreen, warm clothing (rain jackets if the weather is doubtful!), sturdy shoes, and refreshments.  Children are welcome to bring their daypacks – there is plenty of room on the trailers.  It is important that EVERYONE in your school group is dressed appropriately.

What if the weather is not good?
We still tend to run the trip if the weather is just a little showery – however if it is that bad and it becomes a safety issue, we will not hesitate to cancel the trip.  We try and let you know as soon as we can but sometimes this is not possible until the day itself. 
We do have tarpaulin covers to bring out if it is showery or rains.

Are there toilets?
Toilet facilities are available at our departure area, and also at the Department of Conservation Rest Shelter at Cape Kidnappers.

Where can we have morning tea/lunch etc?
At the Department of Conservation Rest Shelter there are picnic tables and shady trees, which provide a great sheltered place to eat!  Drinking water is available also.  There are also new interpretation panels here which give a great insight into the magnificent gannets and their life cycle.

Is the tour suitable for disabled students or those with special needs?
Yes, but please contact us to discuss first.

What is the format of the tour?
The 4hr tour is broken down as follows:-
1.5hrs – Travel time out to Cape Kidnappers (includes stops for geology etc)
1.5hrs – At Cape Kidnappers itself, where you can do the walk to the top colonies
1hr – Return journey
As previously mentioned, these times are approximate and the tour may be altered to suit your group. 

How do we pay?
Payment is required on the day – either by cheque or we do have Eft-pos and credit card facilities, and a receipt will be issued at the time.  We can invoice your school if necessary but we do request payment within 7 days.

Safety and Risk Management

Class trip - Cape Kidnappers

We are aware that schools are finding it increasingly difficult to take children out of the school gate to enjoy outdoor activities, mainly due to the paperwork that is required.  If we can help with anything other than what we have supplied here, we are only too happy to help so please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Gannet Beach Adventures operates by a comprehensive, externally-audited Safety Plan – a requirement of our Department of Conservation Concession - and Hazard Identification Register.  These are available on request (electronic format only). 

Outdoors Mark Certified

After comprehensive document and site audits, we are pleased to have recently been awarded “OutdoorsMark”, which is a safety-focussed systems audit designed by the NZ outdoors community for the NZ outdoors community.  OutdoorsMark is a well respected audit system and is recognised by the Ministry of Education.

Please use our attached Risk Analysis Management form to help plan your trip.

Please take the time to share our “Care Code” with your students and accompanying adults before you visit us:

BEHAVE RESPONSIBLY – Teachers and parents are responsible for the safety of the students in their care at all times.

STAY ON THE TRACKS – Groups must stay on the marked tracks up to the top colonies at all times.  By keeping to the tracks you will avoid many dangers and hazards as well as respecting the farmland that you are walking through

REMOVE ALL YOUR RUBBISH – No rubbish bins are provided at Cape Kidnappers.  All rubbish must be taken out with you (our ticket office has degradable bags, please ask for one before departure if required).

CARE FOR WATERWAYS – Do not drink from any waterways - there is drinking water at the DOC Reserve if you need to refill drink bottles.  Use only the toilets provided.

CONSIDER OTHER VISITORS – Please consider that other people may be travelling at the same time as your group, and are there to enjoy the peace & quiet of Cape Kidnappers.

STAY WITH YOUR GROUP – Students must stay with their group and supervising adults at all times.

DO NOT FEED WILDLIFE – Please do not feed the gannets or any other wildlife you may encounter – they require different food to us, as well as being happy to bite!

BE SAFE AT ALL TIMES – Please read and discuss the Risk Management Plan and Safety Rules (both are emailed with your confirmation) with your students and accompanying adults before your trip with us.

What other TEACHERS have said about us …

Zoo staff - Cape Kidnappers

“I’ve lived in Hawkes Bay all my life and I still consider your Gannet tour a must do for locals and visitors.  Many thanks for a wonderful day for our students”  Kirk Doyle - Lindisfarne College

“The rock pool stop, information given and stops on the way were excellent.  The kids just LOVED the water fight and cheeky behavior of our driver!!  FABULOUS”  Tamla Smith - Mayfair School

“This was an awesome experience for me, the parents and my students.  My students found it excellent overall – informative as well as there being a lot of humour.  Thank you for this experience and making it a very reasonable price”  Georgette Jenson - Sonrise Christian School

“The tour was perfect!  Kids loved it and they learned a great deal and had fun at the same time”  Jason Williams - Camberley School

“We had a FANTASTIC trip – highlight of the 3 days at camp!”  Nick Beamsley - Eketahuna School

BUT WHAT DO THE KIDS’ have to say … ?!  

“Thank you for taking us to the gannets.  It was a great pleasure to get lots of knowledge.  My favourite part was when you go over the bumps.  You are cool.  Thank you very much.”  Frank - Mangaorapa School

“Thank you for driving the tractor, I’ve learnt new stuff now.   I’ve learnt about the road, the faultlines from the earthquake, the black layers that got squashed and turned into wood and rocks in the mud.”  Tiare - Flaxmere Primary School

Seal - Cape Kidnappers

“Thank you for giving us such an amazing time on those tractors, it was a great experience and we would love to do it again.  We really loved it when we went into the water and over huge bumps.  We learnt a lot on the tractor ride like faultlines and how the cliffs were formed.  Thanks again and we hope you will let us come back”.  Te Hira, William, Whitiara & Damon – St Francis de Sales School

“Wow!  We had such a great time!  We especially loved the water fight, and the exotic weather along with the adventurous journey.  We really appreciated you telling and showing us how the faultlines worked and how coal was made from forests and trees after thousands of years – it was amazing!”  Megan & Julia – St Francis de Sales School

“On behalf of Room 5 I would like to give you our thank yous.  Thank you for showing us the spectacular coastlines of the Hawkes Bay and for educating us the history of the area.  The best part of the adventure would have been the results – the results of seeing all of those gannets after climbing that big hill.  They were just outstanding”.  Charles - Sonrise Christian School

“Thank you for taking us to the gannets on the tractor – you made the ride so cool by going over rocks and going in and out of the sea.  It was really cool.  I was in the front trailer with my Dad, he loved it.  It was my dad and I’s favourite thing in camp.  Thanks so much.”  Beth, Colyton School