A tractor and trailer tour along the beach to the world's largest most accessible mainland Gannet Colony in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand.
When it began, Gannet Beach Adventures used Model T Fords, old trucks and buggies to tour along the beach. As a result of the corrosive effects of the harsh environment on these vehicles, tractors were introduced around 1969.
The trailers are purpose built for comfort, safety and manoeuvrability.
Gannet Beach Adventures is a locally owned and operated family business that will do its best to give you more fun than you ever imagined!
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Phone: +64 (0) 6 875 0898

0800 426 638

PO Box 52, Clive 4148,
Hawke's Bay, New Zealand


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Wellbeing Policy!

Our tour caters for all ages, levels of fitness and abilities but we know that some of our passengers have special requirements. Please read through the information below and contact us if you require clarification on any points:

Disabled Passengers

We are usually able to take patrons with special needs – we just need to know their requirements beforehand, so that we can ensure they are going to be able to travel safely. We are wheelchair-friendly.

Pregnant Women

Pregnant women must take into account that the beach conditions can be bumpy and are advised to check with their healthcare professional before taking our trip.

Old & Young Passengers and Unaccompanied Children

We have no upper or lower age limit on our tour – we have taken 90 year-olds and littlies as young as a few months old!

Older Visitors: Some people may experience problems getting on and off the trailers, but our drivers are more than happy to assist in this regard (we also have a step available). The walk at the top is a challenge for some but this is not compulsory – if you cannot do the walk you still get to see the gannets at Black Reef colony (this is located on the beach – we drive through here on the way out, and stop on the way back, and the gannets at this colony can be viewed without even getting off the trailer!). If you have a bad back or troublesome hips, speak to our drivers about the best place to sit on the trailer for maximum comfort. Cushions are provided.

Young Visitors: We recommend that all children under the age of 2yrs are seated in their carseat – our drivers will fix their seat to the trailer and the child can sit in comfort and safety. Older children can be seated along the side, but if you have any concerns at all please seat them either in the middle of the trailer or up against the end boards.

Unaccompanied Children: Children must be at least 14yrs old to travel unaccompanied on our tour.